Win The War Against Sleepless Nights With These Sweet Gadgets!

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Sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and say that enough is really enough! And that goes double for those pesky sleepless nights we often suffer. They really screw up our body clocks and make the next day a living hell! Some of us are unlucky enough to have to deal with these issues on a daily basis. So what can we do to turn the tables on these gremlins? Well, forget about sleeping tablets because they only work for a short time, and the after effects are no laughing matter. Thankfully there are now some bespoke gadgets that have joined our side and will help us fight the good fight. Without any delay let’s see what these babies have to offer right now!

Wake-up Light by Phillips $99.99

The experts say that the way that we wake up can set the tone for the rest of the day. How many of us seem to be rudely interrupted mid-dream and never really get into the swing of things thereafter? This fancy bedside lamp from the manufacturing giants over at Phillips has definitely got something to offer in this arena. You simply dial in the exact time you need to rise from your ‘crypt’ and the wake-up light does the rest! Instead of a cruel manic chime being pumped into your ears, you get a gradual and pleasant wake-up sound. And the light will turn on but in a progressive way that allows you to wake up nice and slowly. This all kicks off about 30 minutes before your deadline and has been proven to wake up even the most stubborn of heavy sleepers out there. There are 2 choices of wake up sound and both of them are very natural and pleasant indeed. We love this lamp and believe you will too!

Renew SleepClock by Gear4 $200

Here we have another type of alarm clock, but the Renew SleepClock by Gear4 brings a little extra technology to the bedside table! This gadget can sense when you are asleep and it doesn’t require any intrusive head or wristbands to do its magic. The onboard sensor will detect your breathing rates and movement and records this data into its software program. The program then runs a few algorithms that calculate your typical sleeping pattern. You then dial in the time you would like to get up each day and the Renew SleepClock can wake you up during your lightest sleep cycle. This will ensure that you get the optimum amount of deep sleep. You will need an iOS device to dock into the SleepClock’s port and this allows for the free sleep app to do its funky stuff! The only downside of this device is the fact that it will pick up any movement within about 5 feet. If you have any pets nearby, they are likely to interrupt the reception and could screw up the sleep pattern recorder. Other than that we think this is another winner in the battle against sleepless nights!

Ready For Bed?

Just reading about these 2 awesome but different sleep-aid gadgets makes us feel a little sleepy. Hopefully you’ll soon be getting some extra benefits from one of these cool appliances!

Abbey Brooks, is enthusiastic about reading and blogging. By day, she works for a company which offers a wide range of sleep apnea machines. You can click here to know more about her work.

Images are author owned.

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