The Best Way To Keep Yourself Healthy Anabolic States

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You may not know this, but your body can be in one of two states – an anabolic state or a catabolic state. Of the two, right now you are most likely to be in a catabolic state. So what does this mean?

Catabolic States

Catabolic States

Well when you are in a catabolic state this basically means that your body is burning energy in order to drive your movement and your basic functions. When you run your body basically consumes the energy in your blood and the energy stored as fat and this gives you the fuel you need to perform while meanwhile subtracting from your body. Even if you are sitting completely still this is normally whats going on because you are still using energy to blink, to breath and to think (this is called your basal metabolic rate).

This state is all very good and well, but if it was the only state you were ever in you would eventually become ill and youd find your body wasted away. This is why we also need our anabolic states.

Anabolic States

Now an anabolic state is a state in which the body isnt burning away your fat and energy, but rather is building your tissue and growing. In other words this is the time during which your wounds heal and you build muscle, and when youre a nipper its when you increase in height too. This is also when our immune system combats bacteria and disease and generally keeps us as from becoming unwell.

The main time you are in an anabolic state is when you are asleep which is when the body is under no pressure to perform and can focus on the rebuilding process. Generally sleep = anabolic, awake = catabolic. This is why its so important to get lots of sleep and why we start to fall apart and get ill if we dont.

Causing Anabolic States

However sleeping isnt the only way we can put ourselves in an anabolic state and actually there are a couple of other ways we can get our body to start repairing itself. One way to do this which all bodybuilders know is to work out. When we work out we get our blood pumping around our body and we cause microtears which it then knows it needs to repair. This then means that our body will start rebuilding as soon as possible.

One way our body signals this need to repair is by producing growth hormone, which tells the body to start rebuilding. Growth hormone is also produced in vast quantities when we sleep, and when we get hot. Taking a hot shower then, or just spending some time in a hot tub, is a fantastic way to put ourselves in an anabolic state, and its ideal just before a nap.

Making the Most of It

However its important to note that just being in an anabolic state is not enough – we also need to make sure that our body has access to the nutrients it needs while its in this state to make sure that it can start making those repairs. For instance if you want to build muscle and heal wounds then your body will need protein – otherwise it will just be spinning its wheels. This is why having a protein shake or some egg just before bed or right after a workout is a great way to keep your body healthy.

Robin is a freelance writer and a home improvement blogger. He writes articles on topics ranging from home improvement to health and lifestyle. He is of the opinion that hot tubs are a great way of relaxation after a long tiring day.

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