April 10, 2013

How to Learn Reiki and Become a Reiki Master

Reiki is a spiritual and physical healing practice that helps individuals overcome health issues and produce stress management in their lives. Reiki has been used for healing since the end of the last century, but is still growing in popularity today. Listed below are the steps to take if you desire to learn Reiki and become a Reiki Master.

There are three levels of Reiki that must be completed in order to become a Reiki Master. These are the First Degree level, the Second Degree level, and the Master/Teacher, or Third Degree, level. Each level is explained below. First Degree Reiki In the First Degree level of Reiki, youll learn how Reiki works, Reikis historical background, and the different types of Reiki systems that exist today. Youll also be initiated into Reiki and receive your first Reiki energy experience through Reiki Attunement. [Read more...]

Benefit From Healing Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual and physical practice that was developed at the beginning of the previous century by Mikao Usui, as method of relaxation that also promotes healing. The methods of Reiki healing are considered to be continued by some of his disciples who took over after Usuis death and continued with his Reiki method. They formed a club which teaches Reiki under rigorous forms.

Healing is the word that is mostly associated with Reiki on a both physical and mental level, as it helps people get rid of the anxiety and stress, letting them live fully their life in the moment. The philosophy of Reiki is based on the healing power that lies within us ; it is not a treatment, it is a lifestyle, based on our willingness to do good in our daily life, helping us get rid of negative thoughts and create a pleasant environment to live in. [Read more...]

An Introduction of Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

If you are interested in Reiki, healing is best to begin with. Reiki teaches us to live fully present in the moment and let anxiety and stress away from the tanks. Reiki is the healing force that is in everything and we are open for us when we start to give ourselves treatment, and then positive and unexpected things happen in our lives. Reiki allows us to live in harmony with other people.

My philosophy is that nothing should be secret in Reiki. I think everyone has the ability within themselves and when we start using it, we have access to all the force we need. Reiki is both a therapy and a lifestyle to live at present in the moment and to see themselves and others that we are but to evaluate and criticize ourselves or others.

I believe that all healing comes from the same source and the different ways to use healing is the tool we can use. All people have healing ability. The more who use it, the better world we must. Reiki is not just a treatment but a lifestyle, a willingness to complete and do good in their daily lives.

The methods of reiki healing are considered to be descended from the old Tibet, and was rediscovered by a Japanese man called Mikao Usui in the late 1800s. After Usuis death of his disciples took over and continued with his Reiki method. They formed a club, which still exists, which teaches Reiki-methods under rigorous forms.

The teaching has been based on the students spiritual maturity, and the club has been completely closed to foreigners. Reki was introduced here in the West, first in America by a Japanese woman, Hawayo Takata, who began teaching healing form during the hippie era in the 70s. Now the knowledge of reiki heling is spreading all over the world.