Sweet Dreams: The Benefits of Organic Bedding Mattresses

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Toxins are everywhere. They are in our food, floating around in the air we breathe and even in our homes. Theres really no escaping these toxins, unless of course you quarantine yourself in some sort of plastic bubble. While contact with toxins is just something were all going to have to deal with, by taking certain precautions, you can reduce your contact and live a healthier existence. Natural and organic mattresses for instance are the perfect place to start, given how many hours a year we spend sleeping. Here are some helpful things to consider when shopping for a new organic mattress.

What Is an Organic/Natural Mattress?

  • Wool: Natural wool typically comes from sheep that are reared in a chemical-free environment. Wool naturally absorbs moisture and releases it back through the evaporation process. Sleeping on an organic wool mattress therefore is super comfortable and dry. Normal mattresses do not absorb moisture or dissipate body heat which often causes users to awake in a sweat and generally uncomfortable feeling. Wool also naturally discourages dust mites, a common allergen and general irritant. Additionally, because of its high moisture content and the keratin protein it contains, its naturally flame-resistant.
  • Organic Cotton: Purchasing a mattress made with certified organic cotton is another option for you to consider. Certified organic cotton comes from a grower/processor that has met certain organic standards and uses natural & non-chemical agricultural methods set out by various nationally recognized certifying organizations. Organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and super soft to the touch. A certain amount of moisture is absorbed by organic materials, including cotton so you get a dryer nights sleep.
  • Natural Rubber/Foam: Contrary to what you might think, natural rubber and foam is indeed organic and safe. Typically, rubber latex used in mattresses and pillows is harvested from rubber-tree farms. Natural rubber requires minimal fossil-fuel energy to change the sap into a safe and usable product, not to mention its 100 percent biodegradable! The process by which the rubber is harvested is also non-destructive and very similar to the method Maple sap is harvested. Natural latex is also incredibly breathable and hypoallergenic. A natural rubber/foam mattress also provides you with ample back and spinal support while sleeping.

Organic mattresses (also known as natural mattresses), like other certified organic products, are chemical-free. Standard mattresses are typically made from petroleum-based chemicals including polyester, polyurethane, synthetic latex, nylon and other man-made materials. Even the cotton used in standard mattresses is chemically-treated with pesticides, flame retardants and other non-organic substances and chemicals. Most organic mattresses on the market today are made from one of three materials wool, organic cotton or natural rubber/foam. Heres a little information about each material.

Healthy Top-of-the-Bed Alternatives

When it comes to your top-of-bed display (i.e. sheets, duvet/comforter, pillows, etc.) what natural options do you have? Youll be happy to learn that many bedding manufacturers use certified organic cotton fibers in the manufacture of their sheets and comforters. The organic cotton used in the bedding has the same hypoallergenic and comfortable qualities found in the cotton mattresses. Bamboo is another material making itself prominent in the world of bedding. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, not to mention dust-mite resistant. Bamboo sheets also wick away moisture, keeping the consumer nice and dry. Natural foam mattress toppers and pillows are also ideal for consumers looking for that extra bit of security and supreme comfort.
When it comes to a good nights sleep, you have plenty of healthy, natural and organic options to consider. While many natural and organic products are a bit more expensive than their standard counterparts, for those of you who are more concerned about environmental toxins, its a small price to pay. Rest assured youll be sleeping more safely and soundly.

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