Simple Tips For A Healthier Daily Life

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In this modern age of convenience we find ourselves no longer having to leave the house for things we need. Everything we’ve ever needed can seemingly be purchased online. And our jobs, many of which require long periods of stasis, are no help either. It’s important for our bodies to stay active to maintain a long and healthy life. Here are some tips for easy ways to stay active.

Daily Walks

Try waking up a little earlier and going for a 20-30 minute walk to start the day. And if your job requires long stretches of sitting at a desk, it’s recommended that you take a break to walk around several times a day. Your body needs help to properly circulate blood, getting up and walking every few hours is a big help.

Stretch More

Even though our gym teachers would tell us every day, most us us still do not properly stretch before and after physical activities. You don’t have to do a full workout every hour, but a few light stretches can help your muscles from cramping up. It never hurts to stretch. Well, it might hurt a little, but it’s usually for the best.

Drink More Water

We know you love your soda and coffee, but actively drinking water is a great way to stay healthy. Our bodies are almost 80% water and consistently replenishing our fluids is a great way to keep from getting sick. It is commonly recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day. You can also supplement that with fruits and vegetables, which are also great sources of H2O. A hydrated body is a happy body.

Read More

Our physical health is connected to our mental and spiritual health. Challenging your mind every day by reading more, learning more, can have a positive affect on your physical health. I always try to read a little fiction and a little non-fiction every night. You may not be able to squeeze all that in, but I find it’s a great way to stimulate and challenge different parts of my brain. I love TV, but sometimes it feels like my brain gets lazy during those long TV sessions.

Cook More

Cooking is a great way to stay healthy. Obviously, it depends what you cook, but just the act of cooking can be physical and challenging enough to make a real difference in how you feel on a regular basis. Pulling up to that fast food window and eating dinner in your car each night is not just an unhealthy eating habit, it’s a depressing habit, that will negatively affect your mood as well.

These are just a few very simple and very doable tips on how to change your daily habits for the better. Maybe they all don’t apply to you, but if you find you are lacking in any of them, making a change there is a great place to start.

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