Organic Pet Food – Helping Animal Welfare

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We are a nation of animal lovers.  From dogs of all sizes to just a small goldfish in a tank in our room, we all love our pets.  An extension of that is understanding what we are feeding them.  Because pet owners have been looking into just what they are buying for their pets they are starting to see some of the horrible conditions that livestock are being kept in.

It is this realization that is further feeding the growth of the organic pet food market.  The very fact that we care for animals enough to have pets also means that we become disgusted when we hear about the conditions that battery chickens live in, or the small size pens that cattle are forced into.

This is not a debate for vegetarianism, this is a belief that all animals deserve a certain standard of living that many just dont get at the moment.  Battery chickens, for example, are force fed growth hormones whilst living so tightly packed that the ammonia from their waste burns of their feathers and burns their skin.

Organic pet food is a step towards changing those conditions.  For a food to be called organic it has to live up to certain standards, including standards of living for the animals it raises for the food.  It ensures that chickens are able to move freely and are treated well, that cattle are not trapped in pens the same size they are – it stops them being fed growth hormones simply to make them bigger than nature would otherwise allow.

In short organic pet food allows for a greater level of animal welfare.  As pet owners that is something we should give some serious consideration to.

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