Organic Baby Clothes Safety Matters

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Having children makes us automatically more aware of our environments and especially the environment our children live in. Child-proofing the home, safety car seats and child safe toys are just some of the special steps we take to safe-guard our kids. Avoiding toxic chemicals is another major consideration when it comes to the eco conscious parent.

Cotton production uses over 25% of the worlds pesticides and herbicides. It is said that the cotton growth required for a single t-shirt uses up a third of a pound of chemicals. Worse yet, almost 80% of the left overs during cotton processing (called gin trash) is fed to livestock and that means these powerful poisons enter our food chain thanks to cotton production.

Wearing non-organic cotton places these toxins right on the skin the largest organ of the body. So it is no wonder that parents today are now choosing organic baby clothes. You can buy nearly any baby product in organic form, including; organic cloth diapers, baby sweaters, organic baby hats, and even organic mattresses.

When searching online for organic baby clothing, make sure the product is labeled 100% organic. Avoid any kind of blend, especially those with petroleum based fabrics such as rayon, polyester and nylon.

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