Old Remedies For Healthy Feet

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Toenail FungusLets just face itwhen our feet hurt, we hurt! Having cracks, blisters, callouses, etc. can lead to one bad day as far as I am concerned and can make us grumpy. Our feet take a lot of abuse and we give back little in return for their hard work, but we take notice when they hurt for certain. Our feet are a well designed part of the body that will give you many miles in return if they the get love and respect they deserve.

Here are some tips for you that you can do cheaply from home with natural remedies to keep you and your feet happy and to keep you moving along through your busy life! There are ways we can be kind to our feet using simple techniques and old remedies tried and true from home:

Problem:  calloused feet, dry feet, scaly feet

Soak those babies!  Try a simple solution of baking soda (1cup) in a couple of gallons of warm water. If you can take it hot then go for it! Soak the feet for about for about 30 minutes..just relax and enjoy.  After soaking rinse your feet off and be sure to pat dry.
After patting dry, lets get ready to exfoliate
Simply take a pumice stone and rub all over the feet. It may take more than one session to remove all the skin but dont worry. Rinse off and pat dry again.

Next, Moisturize

A simple moisturizer is just plain old petroleum jellybeen around for years and works wonders on dry feet. All you have to do is rub the petroleum jelly on the feet and cover them with some clean dry cotton socks. These steps should be done at least one to three times a week and you will see improvement!

Problem: foot odor, stinky feet, ew!

A good old remedy for this problem is simply Kosher Salt! Simply soak those babies in a solution of a cup of salt to about 2 quarts of warm water. Relax and just let them soak and then afterwards pat dry very well.  Afterwards, apply cornstarch by simply sprinkling on to feet. Try doing this every day.

Problem: toenail fungus :(

No one wants this and when it happens it can be hard to get rid of..but there are solutions from home.  The number one solution is simply Tea Tree Oil. Apply the oil every day. The oil is a natural antiseptic that kills bacteria.

Everyone wants pretty, healthy feet and these natural solutions from home will do a lot to keep your feet in a happy place! Our feet have to move and groove with us even as we grow older and they deserve  lots of love and attention.. So if you want your feet to be kind to you, be kind to them with a nice relaxing, budget-conscious, home remedy that will make your feet feel soft and cared for.

This article was written by Thomas Jay, article writer for BodyPure; Perhaps best known as the original manufacturer of the BodyPure Foot Detox Pads.

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