Natural Protection Against Outdoor Insects Things You Didnt Know

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The great outdoors is very enjoyable, but biting insects can make your time outside miserable. Whether you are going camping and want to avoid mosquitoes or the insects are closer to home, there are steps you can take for natural protection against outdoor insects. Use these tips to make any outdoor space more enjoyable this summer.

Sleeves and Pants

A lightweight long-sleeve shirt can be the best protection from biting insects. Summer weight cottons will allow you to stay cool while protecting your skin from mosquitoes, biting flies and other insects. Keep the clothing loose to stay cool and comfortable. Mosquitoes gravitate to warm bodies, and they seem to like colors like black, red and blue. Opt for light colors and try to stay cool to avoid mosquitoes.

Moving Air

A fan cools the air around you and it also protects you from biting insects. Use a patio fan in the area you are relaxing in to drive away flying insects. If there will be small children in the area, make sure the fan is out of their reach.

Long-term Mosquito Management

Avoid problems with mosquitoes by taking care of your landscape. If you want to put water out for the birds, make sure you change it weekly or install a little fountain to keep it moving. Eliminate empty buckets, old tires and other items that can collect water and become a breeding grounds for insects. Check the yard for holes and areas where water might stand and correct these problem spots.

Create a Perimeter

Tiki torches are excellent for creating a festive atmosphere. They can also be useful for protecting your campsite or patio. Filled with citronella oil, they will keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor living area. They emit a pleasant odor, and your evenings outdoors will be peaceful once again. Citronella candles sprinkled around the patio will also keep the mosquitoes away and make everything more comfortable.

Soft Skin and Protection

Creams infused with citronella oil are available. Rubbed into your exposed skin, they will keep the mosquitoes away to allow you to enjoy your evening. If you choose these types of creams, you should reapply them every 30 to 60 minutes for the greatest level of protection. You can also add citronella oil to your shower gel or bath water. Your skin will be softer, and you will be protected from the biting insects.


Bands and Stickers

Another natural way to protect yourself and your family from outdoor bugs is with citronella wristbands or stickers. There are many different products available that allow you to put a band around a wrist or stick-on badge on a piece of clothing to keep mosquitos and other bug pests away. Even fussy kids who dislike strong smelling creams or sprays will think the citronella-infused silicone wristbands and stickers are neat.

LED Lighting

Mosquitoes are drawn to heat, and that includes the heat emitted by most outdoor lights. Invest in LED lighting to keep the mosquitoes away. Other lights that will not attract mosquitoes are yellow bug lights and sodium lamps.

Touch up the Garden

At home, you can keep the mosquitoes away from your patio by making a few changes in the garden. You can add mosquito repelling plants such as horsemint, marigolds, ageratum and catnip can to your garden or added to potted plants on the patios. Add them to the hanging plants, pots of petunias and other containers around your outdoor living space. They all emit smells that mosquitoes don’t enjoy, so they will stay away from your space.

Protect yourself from mosquitoes by investing in long-term treatments, natural solutions and short-term repellents. Plants in the garden, a collection of citronella candles and the right clothing will naturally protect you from mosquitoes when you are enjoying the great outdoors. With these tips, you can make your outdoor living space safe from the invasion of bugs. With a little foresight, you can find natural protection against outdoor insects.

Ben Sawyer  moved to NYC half of a year ago. Since he had a lot of problems with insect bites while he was living in florida, he created this handful guide for everyone as a prevention against insect bites.

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