Natural Acne Treatments

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Everyone has had to deal with acne in their life. For some it happens as a teenager. For others it happens later in life as an adult. You see tv ads by celebrities with acne everywhere. Its a human condition we all dont want to deal with.

Before you start spending major money trying out various chemical treatments that may or may not work, consider what you are really doing to your skin. Are you washing the affected area daily? What about your diet? Are you eating a lot of oily and non-healthy food? If you arent treating your body well, your skin is going to react and react badly. While there are still people who suffer with acne who are already on a healthy diet, these folks tend to have ingrown hair issues rather than an oily skin problem.  Then there are those people who suffer from acne only occassionally, usually only during certain periods of thier life. Pregnancy and during a womans monthly period is common. This is what is often referred to as hormonal acne.

You may also want to consider the effects of harsh chemicals and prescription drugs on your body. Bombarding your body with man-made chemicals is not a healthy solution. Over time these harsh chemicals will affect your health. Be it a lowered immune system or even a worse skin condition or disease.

You can successfully treat acne at home with home-made ingredients. There are many tried and true recipes to be found online varying from tomato pulp applications to baking soda masks. You can even lessen the redness of your acne by using toothpaste or even eyedrops that remove redness. Home remedies for acne are easy to find, usually involve very cheap ingredients you find at home, and are very safe for you and your skin.

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