How to Manage and Control Asthma Using Natural Remedies

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There are a number of natural remedies that you can easily implement in your effort to manage and control Asthma. Some of the all natural remedies used for treating Asthma symptoms are amazingly effective, and one will find that many of the natural treatments for Asthma are readily affordable as well. A good majority of the natural asthmatic treatments also treat the conditions that might lead to unwanted and undesirable Asthma attacks. By fending off issues with colds and upper respiratory irritations, you can successfully reduce your issues with Asthma. Lets examine some of the more common treatments that you can turn to in an effort to get your asthmatic symptoms under full control.

Many individuals with Asthma derive great benefits from drinking hot Chamomile tea. Fresh Chamomile can be placed in a tea ball and steeped for a few minutes in hot water. You can sweeten the tea to your desired preference. Chamomile is cited as a natural herb which offers anti-inflammatory properties, as well as antispasmodic benefits. In addition, Chamomile serves as an antihistamine and clearly illustrates benefits associated with ones respiratory system. Further, Chamomile offers relaxation benefits and makes for a superb de-stressing beverage. If Chamomile is not your type of preferred tea, you may want to consider sipping at a cup of all natural Green Tea as this type of tea serves to open up ones bronchial pathways. Finally, Hyssop tea is excellent when consumed for the relief of congestion too.

Elderberry is another asthma remedy alternative that you might want to try. Fantastic for treating issues with sinuses, the lungs, and in treating respiratory illnesses, Elderberries are enriched with Vitamin C, which aids in natural healing too. Since the common cold and other respiratory illnesses can seriously agitate and aggravate issues with asthma, elderberries added to ones diet can help in minimizing potential asthmatic irritations.

If interested in consuming an herb that has immune boosting features, you might want to give consideration to trying Licorice Root. Licorice Root is superb for the treatment of colds and asthma, and it is also cited as being helpful with the management of Lupus, Lyme disease, and certain forms of cancer as well. The primary ingredient in Licorice Root is saponin glycosides which lend to the roots healing properties. Licorice Root is ideal for dealing with allergies, arthritis, and inflammation as well. Finally, Licorice Root has been successfully used in the past to treat stomach ailments and indigestion too.

You can also successfully fend off issues with asthmatic attacks with the use of Mullein Oil. Mullein Oil is also known under alternative names like Flannel Leaf, Jacobs Staff, and Verbascum Thapsus. The latter oil has proven effective in relieving congestion, bronchial irritation, and for clearing up issues with coughing that is otherwise unproductive. Mullein Oil serves to alleviate those issues that might otherwise bring on an asthma attack like colds and bronchitis. The added benefits one derives from using Mullein Oil is that it contains many beneficial vitamins, like vitamin B, D, and Magnesium too.

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