How Different is Cosmetic Packaging for Organic Products?

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Today people are becoming more health conscious and have come to understand that health is true wealth for every individual. Hence, more and more people are adopting a healthier lifestyle free of chemicals and toxins.

At a time when toxins and chemicals are a fact of life, the only way to make a toxin-free, chemical-free lifestyle possible is to go organic. Today there is an increased demand for anything that is organic.

What is Organic?

Organic belongs to the class of chemical compound having a carbon basis; it can also refer to a lifestyle free of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides of hormones, such as organic fruits. Though many have started buying organic, realizing its immense benefits, others have joined the organic bandwagon as the latest fad.

Why Organic Cosmetics?

If the latest trends indicating an organic revolution in the cosmetic sector are to be believed, then organic beauty products are the future of the cosmetics industry. This industry has witnessed dramatic growth over the past few years and is said to be moving toward a huge surge in demand for organic cosmetics in near future. The signs of this have already become evident Lets look at the two main reasons for the preference for organic cosmetic products by consumers:

a) Presence of Chemicals : People are becoming increasingly conscious of the dangers of the presence of specific chemicals in cosmetics products. To enhance looks or to maintain healthy skin, people use a variety of skin and hair products. These beauty products have generally had an increasing presence of hazardous chemicals like coal tar, lead, mercury, talc, liquid paraffin, butyl acetate, and others. Over time, these chemicals are found to cause health problems. Hence, people prefer organic cosmetic products that are safe and harmless.

b) Allergic to Chemicals : Certain chemicals used in beauty products are found to cause allergic reactions in many people. Since all beauty products contain different kinds of chemicals, it is quite difficult to use skin and hair care products at all. That is why organic cosmetic products are a relief for people with allergies.

Packaging Fears of Organic Product Manufacturers

Except for the actual manufacturers of organic products, nobody really knows the pain that goes into packaging these cosmetic products. It has to be done with precision as both consumers and certification agencies have set high standards. As far as non-organic products are concerned, manufacturers need only strive to make packaging as eye-catching and unique as possible. Lets look at the two main pain points of packaging for organic and natural cosmetics:

a) Natural Packaging : Firstly, since organic is the equivalent of natural, consumers expect the packaging materials to be as natural as possible. For both primary and secondary packaging, they prefer materials that are recyclable, recycled, non-polluting

b) Protective Packaging : Organic cosmetic products normally do not contain any kind of chemicals and hence are free from synthetic preservatives that protect products from contamination. In such a situation, the packaging should be designed to contribute to a longer shelf life for the cosmetics.

So, as you can see, manufacturers of organic products have a tough job when selecting materials for organic cosmetic packaging because they must address various points. The most preferred materials therefore are paper, glass, PP, aluminium, PEHD and PET. However, today there are wholesale cosmetic packaging manufacturers available who not only take the utmost care in using natural materials for packaging but also provide designs that are beautiful and attractive.

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