Herbal Remedies Holistic Cat Health Care

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A pets well-being manifests the type of nurturing afforded to it. While a number of pet owners have become quite adept in the ways of rearing healthy cats, wrongful notions often mislead many over feline nutrition to compromise cat health in the process. What seems to be a typical cat owner flaw in the context of nutrition is the tendency to match the food intake of felines with the diet of either canines or humans. Pet owners should keep in mind that cats are obligate carnivores; therefore they have nutritional needs that are dissimilar from that of their owners and even from dogs.

An ideal approach to animal health care would require the willful adherence to holistic methods of cat health care and nutrition that will most likely produce healthy and disease-free felines. Moreover, the holistic approach would involve application of alternative treatments such as a pet herbal supplement formula whenever pet diseases come about. So whether it is a sprightly kitten or a cat in her prime that you are rearing, there are a handful of holistic cat healthcare methods and pet herbal supplement products that will not only serve to extend the life of your pet, but guarantee its sustained vigor even beyond the geriatric stage.


Animal-based proteins contain critical amino acids that are essential to sustained cat health. Thus, it is necessary for pet owners to feed cats with sizable proportions of whole meat products instead of meat by-products and fillings, to ensure that the feline meets its daily nutritional needs. Cats easily succumb to chronic dehydration, and feeding should likewise be adequately supplemented with water to prevent this condition, as well as the onset of kidney and bladder troubles borne of a sustenance based on dry food. More importantly, grains should only make a minute proportion of the feed considering that carbohydrates is not essential to cat health and could only disrupt the felines metabolic functions to cause diabetes, obesity, and irritable bowel disease.

Disease Treatment and Prevention

Cat urinary tract infection and ear mites are just a few of the many pet diseases that materialize as a consequence of improper pet feeding practices. Know that too much vaccination and prolonged use of antibiotics can disrupt your pets healthy gut flora and impair the immune system as well, which would not do well in the fight against systemic pathogens so that simple infections could severely debilitate cat health eventually. A more holistic approach would be the administration of pet herbal supplement formulas; a combination of potent herbal remedies available in therapeutic doses that work to soothe the symptoms while treating the underlying causes of the disease. Moreover, a pet herbal supplement formula operates as a tonic to revive the functioning of a diseased organ and restore the well being of your pet. To top it all, a bottle of pet herbal supplement will not bring about the side effects typical with veterinary medicine. Adopt the holistic methods to pet health care today and nurture your pets well-being the right way.

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