Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments

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Instead of heading to the drug store to find something to suppress symptoms for a common ailment, consider a home remedy instead. Pharmaceuticals tend to have side effects and often have man-made ingredients that are not natural to the body. A herbal remedy can alleviate your symptoms far more naturally and safely.

For a pain relief remedy consider cayenne pepper. If you have sore, aching muscles, Cayenne pepper can be rubbed on the skin to reduce pain and inflammation particularly for long standing chronic pain. In addition to pain relief, cayenne has a natural ability to stimulate digestion and blood flow. It can be used to heal stomach ulcers and aid in intestinal issues such as digestion and absorbing foods. Remember how you feel flushed and warm after eating hot salsa? Cayenne has properties that increase blood flow to the skin. It can be used to alleviate fever as well as relieve sinus congestion.

For an insomnia home remedy, consider valerian root. It has natural qualities that soothe and calm, like a sedative.  Most commonly it is ues for insomnia, but it is also useful for restlessness, anxiety and even muscle relaxation. Velrian root is also said to aid flatulence, improve digestion and stimulate appetite.

Many women seek a home remedy for hormonal relief from PMS and menopause. Black Cohash is known to aid hot flashes but it also has been used historically for many womens issues such as pain during menstruation and labour, inflammation of the overies and uterus and infertility.

So the next time you suffer with one of the above common ailments, instead of reaching for the typical pharmaceutical at the drug store, consider a natural home remedy instead.

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