Healthy Natural Mattresses vs Memory Foam

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Did you know your mattress could be slowly affecting your health? I didn’t either until I found out the toxins found in mattresses.

This all started when I purchased a memory foam topper from Costco. The horrible chemical odor I experienced when unwrapping it was mind blowing. A typical web junky, first thing I did was Google “mattress chemicals”. I was blown away by all the information on chemicals in mattresses.

Non-toxic mattresses are clearly becoming more popular. There are plenty to choose from and lots of articles about them. Everything from natural latex mattresses which are made from rubber tree sap to natural memory foam mattresses by this company called Essentia.

Natural mattresses are pricey but a good natural latex mattress seems to last 20+ years. Pretty amazing stuff when you consider spring mattresses barely tough 4 years today without depreciations of those fluffy pillow tops. Natural mattress prices range from $800 to $5000. There are plenty of natural mattress reviews out there. You can look up specific companies or look at green mattress brand comparisons. Just a heads-up, the best natural latex mattresses are not made by big brands like Sealy or Serta. Their mattresses are not very natural ;-)

Memory foam mattresses are made from toxic chemicals. I did not need to be told. I could still smell that mattress topper 1 week after I bought it.

Needless to say I returned my Memory Foam Mattress Topper for a full refund.

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