Get A Great Nights Sleep With a Calm and Relaxing Bedroom

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Ensuring your bedroom is a calm and relaxing room is essential in getting a great night’s sleep. Let’s face it that sleep is a highly important factor for everyone and if we don’t have enough of it we can feel drained and unable to focus on the task in hand the following day.

Unsuitable colour, too hot or too cold and uncomfortable bedding are all factors that can affect our sleep. Here are some simple factors that can make your bedroom a more calm and relaxing room so you can get that great relaxing sleep that your body longs for.


For you to get to sleep your body needs to be at just the right temperature. Leaving the heating on all night won’t be great for stripping the pounds from your utility bill and it will probably cause you to overheat during the night.

Ensure that throughout the day your windows in your bedroom are open to allow fresh air to circulate the room. If you’re in for a cold night then close the windows, also deal with any draft problems because this will not only make the room cold but can also be noisy on a windy night.

Try to wear light clothing at night for comfort but keep a clanked folded at the end of your bed for extra warmth if need be.


We often keep our bedding for years but not only will this sacrifice your comfort but it also likely to be harbouring bacteria and the little bed bugs that aren’t visible to the human eye.

If you are waking up with aches and pains then deal with this issue because it can only get worse. Buy all new bedding such as mattress, quilt, pillows and covers. Memory foam mattresses are a great pain reliever for sufferers of back ache and other spinal problems but they are also known to be insulators and can make you very hot in the night.


Ensure that the lighting in your bedroom is sufficient enough for in the day but so that there is no light coming through at night from road traffic or street lights.

Wooden blinds are great at blocking out all light at night and will ensure that your room gets enough light during the day.

If you lay in bed at night to read a book then a bedside table or candles will give you enough light. Organic candles with lavender aroma will fill your room with natural calming fragrance as well as giving you the light. However never fall asleep with candles lit.

Yasmin Holloway is an interior styling enthusiast that loves the elegant and unique designer homeware accessories from For more tips follow Yasmin on Twitter @YasminHolloway. 

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