Five Unhealthy Foods Masquerading as Health Foods

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Marketing has a lot to say for the health of the world; it’s incredible what a bit of clever branding and advertising can do to make the general public believe that something is good for us.

The following five foods are all excellent examples of how marketing has fooled our world into becoming unfit, flabby, and just downright fat.

Energy bars: marketed as the perfect pre or post workout snack, energy bars are generally nothing more than a candy bar playing dress up.

Full of sugar (and not the naturally occurring kind) and chemicals, while usually being low in fibre, most energy bars have nothing going for them in terms of genuine nutrition.

If you’re after a quick sugar rush to boost your blood sugar levels, try snacking on dried fruit. It’s completely natural, causes the same quick rush of energy, and is rich in nutrients too.

Breakfast cereal: this is the iconic health food con. Since Kelloggs released their first box of Corn Flakes, the breakfast cereal industry has been cashing in on the worldwide belief that a sugary cereal is the best way to start the day.

In fact, the majority of cereals are very high in sugar, and contain minimal vitamins and minerals. Those that they do contain are added to the cereal during production that’s the same kind you can get by popping a vitamin pill.

The truth is, an unimaginable amount of money has been shoved into the marketing of cereals because the profit margin on this sugary breakfast treat is very, very high.

Wraps: somehow wraps have succeeded in being thought of as the ‘light choice’ when in reality, a single wrap (without a filling) can pack away as many as 300 calories.

The real problem however, is the fact that when we eat a wrap instead of its stodgier cousin bread, we think we’re eating a light meal, or even a snack, causing us to fill up on other foods instead.

Read the packet carefully next time, before you choose a wrap as a light and healthy lunchtime choice.

Soy: despite being the staple protein source for many a vegetarian and vegan, soy has been linked with a multitude of horrifying conditions.

Try breast cancer, thyroid cancer, and infertility to name just a few. Soy is also believed to cause premature development in girls and in boys, underdevelopment.

Baked beans: oddly, these sneaky fellows are counted as one of our five a day. Yet, despite the nutritional content of the beans themselves, the sweet, syrupy sauce they come in is packed with sugar.

Enjoy them occasionally as a treat, but if you’re eating baked beans every day under the illusion that it’s one of your five a day down, think again. Try kidney beans instead; incredibly nutrient dense and free of any insulin spiking sauces, kidney beans are high up there as a super healthy food.

This is a guest post written by healthy living enthusiast Amy Fowler, for Find out more on their Facebook page.

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