An Eczema Natural Treatment

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Eczema or dermatitis is one of the more common skin problems people may encounter. This is characterized by dry skin that is flaky and itchy. When symptoms attack, skin inflammation with blisters and lesions may also appear.

Doctors say there is no cure for eczema. But they always reiterate that this disease could be controlled and treated. Treatments usually include medications of steroids and antihistamines. These have chemicals and active ingredients that have side effects, too. One of which is the thinning of the skin during an extended use of these medications.

It is good to know that apart from scientific medications, there are still other treatments that can be considered safer than others. This alternative includes the natural treatment of eczema.

Others were shocked, because they never thought that they could get natural remedies right there in their kitchen and fridge. So to deviate from the norm of using medications filled with chemicals, others opt for these natural ways.

• By juicing carrots and spinach, eczema could be treated gradually.
• Simmered mango pulp and mango skin for 30 minutes could be applied as lotion. This helps soothe the skin.
• The use of virgin coconut oil is great for dry, chapped skin with eczema because of the moisturizing properties it has. Virgin coconut oil has natural oils that are perfect for the human skin in hydrating it.
• Two table spoon of Safflower oil is good for improving eczema skin condition.

These are just a few natural methods to help with eczema. These methods will help with relief but will not cure eczema at the root cause.

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