Allergy Relief This Spring

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Its that time of year again, allergy season comes with the beginnings of Spring. Tree sap starts rising, plants break ground and everything starts getting greener. For some of us, that means alleries sniffling, sneezing, red eyes and an over-all lousy feeling of wandering about in a fog.

Some common outdoor allergens include:

  1. Trees alder, birch and oak
  2. Weeds ragweed, sage and nettles
  3. Grasses Bermuda grass, Kentucky grass and Johnson grass
  4. Plants hyacinth, tulip, pholox, and petunia

Those with allergies can do several things to alleviate their symptoms. Some simple steps include:

  1. Making sure no typical allergy producing plants or trees are close to your home.
  2. Consider wearing a paper mask during the worst part of the allergy season, mowing the lawn, or gardening.
  3. Accupuncture has shown to decrease allergy symptoms significantly
  4. Diet can also improve your allergy symptoms naturally.

Sometimes you really just need to get through your day. In that case, you will have to take a non-drowsy allergy product to get you through your work day. Many allergy relief products are now available over the counter, but if your symptoms tend to be on the severe side, a prescription may be necissary.

Make sure to discuss your allergies with a doctor before taking allergy medication.

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