5 Weird Japanese Beauty Gadgets That Will Make You Laugh

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Japan definitely has to have one of the most weird and wonderful cultures in the world. They lead the way when it comes to electronics, but some things are a little crazy. They seem to have vending machines for anything you could imagine. The fact raw fish is one of their delicacies also seems to amaze people, but youve not seen anything yet.

Like every other culture in the world, Japanese women want to look absolutely fantastic at every opportunity. Can you imagine what the gadget capital of the world can come up with that will allow them to look beautiful? Lets take a look at some of the beauty gadgets you could be using if you lived there because Im sure you will be in for a shock.

Snaggletooth Maker

The Japanese definitely arent known for their great teeth and they give the British a run for their money, but apparently a snaggletooth is a sign of beauty. It can definitely look cute on the right woman, but obviously everyone wants one no matter what their teeth look like. That is why theyve came out with a little cap people can put over a healthy tooth to give them the snaggletooth look.

Facewaver Exercise Mask

If you dont have a mask for Halloween yet I wouldnt worry too much. Once youre finished using this mask you will be able to use it to scare children away from your door. You basically put it over your face and it will feel very tight. You then perform exercises which will feel hard because of the tightness of the mask. Its like lifting weights using your face and when youre done your skin should be a lot tighter.

Kogao Smile Lines Face Belt

You can wear this for Halloween too and youll look like the bad guy from the new Batman movie. You wear this very tight belt around your face and eventually the heat will get trapped resulting in your face getting smaller. If anything bad should happen to you in real life you will be able to handle it a lot easier because you will already know what punishment feels like, so its not all bad.

Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece

These Japanese women really like putting themselves through pain in order to create the look they want. This weird gadget looks like something a boxer would put in their mouth if they wanted to look stupid. Its a little like a gum shield and once in your mouth you have to carry out lots of exercises to get rid of lines otherwise you will be destined to have a horrible looking face forever.

Beauty Lift High Nose

Can you believe there are so many American women spending a huge amount of money on plastic surgery every year? They spend more on their nose than you probably do on your car, but they are wasting their money when they just need to buy this gadget. Wait until you feel the lovely vibrations and you will feel your nose lifting within seconds of switching it on.

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