5 Reasons Why You Should Supplement with Ubiquinol

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Ubiquinol is a form of CoenzymeQ10. It is a type of nutrient found in every cell. Without it, the organs will not have the energy to function properly. The human system has the innate ability to produce CoQ10. However, as a person ages the normal production of CoQ10 is altered. Factors such as stress and environmental pollutions also contribute to this problem. To address this, a specialist may prescribe consumption of ubiquinol supplements. But how much ubiquinol is enough?

Why Ubiquinol Supplement?

The more commercially available and cheaper version of CoQ10 is ubiquinone. It is converted into the useful form ubiquinol when it enters the body. However, some people have a hard time doing this. The ubiquinone supplement fails to enter the cells, and therefore does not have any effect at all. Studies show that only about 5% of ubiquinone is absorbed by the system, and the rest is just excreted. The other form, ubiquinol, need not be converted because it is ready for processing by the cells.

How Much Ubiquinol is Required?

The recommended dose of ubiquinol can vary from person to person. Those who are older, or suspect that they have a low level of CoQ10 in their body due to an illness may need to take 200 to 300 mg of ubiquinol supplement per day. For healthy individuals, 100 mg of ubiquinol daily may be enough.

Benefits of Taking Ubiquinol Supplement

As your body synthesizes less CoQ10, you become prone to certain diseases. It is advised to consume foods rich in CoQ10 and take ubiquinol supplement to avoid deficiency of this enzyme. Listed below are just a few of the health benefits of ubiquinol.

1) Increased endurance. CoQ10 works hand in hand with ATP. ATP or adenosine triphosphate is the energy-releasing substance produced by the mitochondria. When CoQ10 is reduced, so will the ability of the mitochondria to manufacture ATP. ATP stimulates the cells, resulting in increased endurance.

2) Radiant skin. When the cells are in the best condition, all organs in the body work properly. Collagen and vitamins A and C nourish the skin. Ubiquinol lets the body process these substances, resulting in radiant skin. Ubiquinol also neutralizes free radicals, thus preventing premature cellular degeneration. The signs of aging such as wrinkles, freckles, and stretch marks are also delayed.

3) Healthy cardiovascular system. Ubiquinol promotes fast metabolism of sugar, fat and cholesterol. Excessive amounts of any of these three in the body can impair the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes can be prevented with consumption of ubiquinol supplement.

4) Improved immunity. Ubiquinol supports antibody production and phagocyte activity. Phagocytes are immune cells that work against pathogens and infections. You are more protected from contagious diseases with potent immune system. Your wounds can also heal quickly.

5) Weight control. Because ubiquinol supports metabolism of fat, obesity is prevented. Coupled with regular exercise, ubiquinol helps burn calories and easily absorb the nutrients from foods. Calories are stored in the body as fat when not broken down.

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