5 Active Ways to Naturally Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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Stress and anxiety have long been recognized as important contributors to dealing with problems. It is when a person experiences stress and anxiety that his fight or flight response is being activated. During these times, the body produces more chemicals called cortisol. This chemical is essential for the production of blood glucose that helps supply enough energy to an individual. This will keep him on his toes always ready to take action. Unfortunately, some people’s fight or flight response refuses to turn off thereby causing constant feelings of stress and anxiety. This is when an individual needs to engage in physical activities that allow the body to experience a “natural high”. In turn, the person will be able to reduce tension, stress and anxiety which will make him more functional and productive. The following are some of the activities which help an individual achieve “natural high” response to combat the “fight or flight” response:

Running, Walking and Jogging

These activities allow the body to experience rhythmic physical exertion. These rhythmic activities help the person create a training effect. This kind of effect strengthens the heart and muscles of an individual. It improves the ability of the respiratory system to take in enough amount of air. Add to that the improved ability to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide. Indulging in these rhythmic activities will help enhance the body’s metabolic reactions as well as his hormonal system. When all these improvements inside the person’s body are achieved, he becomes more capable of dealing with stress and anxiety. However, before you decide to indulge in these physical activities, consult your physician first. This is a must especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Swimming and Biking

These two activities provide people with an opportunity to improve their cardiovascular health. Swimming and biking also helps the person to better manage his weight to avoid obesity. Avoiding obesity is a must in order to reduce one’s risk of experiencing stress. Biking alone can greatly relieve a person from stress and tension. However, biking and swimming are two activities that may require special skills and facilities. But, if you are really determined at engaging in these physical activities you may choose to enroll in swimming or biking lessons. Rest assured that learning these skills will help you become better at handling stressful situations.


Dancing is another type of physical activity that may require special skills. It can be very helpful in conditioning one’s cardiovascular system. Dancing does not need to consist of complicated steps. Some people even indulge in zumba which allow them to dance by just using easy to imitate steps. Many people claim that they are able to sleep better at night after a dancing exercise. The ability to sleep is important especially for those people who are constantly battling with stress and anxiety. Sleep enables the body to replenish his lost energy and refresh his mind to make him more capable to take on any challenge again the following morning.

Martial Art Activities

These activities will not only make you more capable of defending yourself. It also promotes physical rhythmic exercise. Those who engage in martial arts have an improved ability to perform meditative concentration. The ability to concentrate is important because there are times when a person loses his focus when faced with highly stressful situations. Thus, he suffers from stress and anxiety. Practicing martial arts will enable the individual to achieve mental and physical discipline. Hence, he will never be easily shaken by anxiety. Those who have learned Taekwondo, Karate and any other martial arts are more confident in dealing with any other stressors. It gives them the feeling that they are very much capable to deal with any difficult situation.

There are plenty of activities that one may indulge to naturally relieve himself from stress and anxiety. Forget about those barbiturates and tranquilizers. These medicines only provide temporary relief. But, their side effects will continue to plague you for a lifetime. Be physically active and you will live longer without the need to take pills for anxiety relief.

About the Author:
Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years. He now advocates healthy living as the best weapon against anxiety and depression. You can read more of his writings at Calm Clinic.

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