4 Very Bizarre Natural Beauty Secrets

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From the simplest skincare routines to cutting edge cosmetic procedures, the plethora of beauty treatments and practices from around the globe are simply astounding. The growing list of beauty and skincare secrets proves that many people are willing to go to great lengths to maintain their fresh and youthful appearance. But if you think you’ve seen and heard them all, then you’ve never been so wrong. There is actually a wide variety of beauty tricks that, however bizarre and unorthodox they may seem, are actually effective and have gained a significant following – Hollywood celebrities, no less.

If you’re curious about what these are, then we’ll let you in on some secrets. Here are four extraordinary beauty secrets that promise to roll back the years and bring ageless, good looks:

geishaUguisu no fun

Uguisu no fun is a centuries-old Japanese beauty secret that is currently making waves in the Western world. This treatment, famously used by Geisha and kabuki actors in the Edo period to remove makeup and whiten the skin, is used today to exfoliate the skin and leave a luminous and healthy shine. However, this is no ordinary facial treatment. Uguisu no fun in English actually means…nightingale excrements. Celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham are big fans of the Bird Poop or Geisha Facial and hail it as a unique beauty wonder. But while slathering bird droppings on one’s face can be unthinkable for some, there’s actually no need to worry because the nightingale droppings used for the treatment are sterile and mixed with water and rice bran.

Synthetic Snake Venom Cream

For those who are looking for an alternative treatment for Botox, then you might want to try out Gwyneth Paltrow’s and Katie Holmes’ secret – snake venom cream. Snake venom creams are dubbed as the topical Botox as they produce similar effects to that of Botox. They relax the facial muscles and smoothen out wrinkles. Snake venom creams derive its active ingredient from a synthetic version of temple viper’s poison known as Syn-ake, which was discovered and developed by Swiss pharmaceutical company Pentapharm. Skincare companies such as Planet Skincare and Sonya Dakar have incorporated this unique formulation to their anti-aging products.

Dead Sea Mud and Salts

Dead Sea mud maskWho would have thought the place on earth with the gloomiest moniker could be a source for amazing beauty products? The number of Dead Sea cosmetics and products available today are on the rise as people are gradually discovering the health and beauty benefits of Dead Sea salts and mud. Various companies have tapped the mineral-rich elements of the Dead Sea to develop products that address different beauty and skincare concerns, such as acne and psoriasis. The Dead Sea mud mask, for example, is known to improve the skin’s texture by cleansing, detoxifying, and restoring the skin’s natural moisture levels.

Bull Semen Hair Treatment

If applying bird excrements or snake venom to the skin sounds bizarre enough, then what do you think about massaging bull semen hair treatment to your scalp? Hari’s, an upmarket salon in London, popularised bull semen hair treatment in the UK and uses them on their customers for intense hair conditioning. This peculiar conditioning treatment was created by combining organically-produced semen from Aberdeen-Angus bulls with the protein-rich plant Katera. The mixture then is applied to the hair, penetrating into each strand and leaving the hair thick, and luxuriously smooth and shiny.

From bird poop facials to Dead Sea cosmetics, there never is a shortage of strange, yet effective, beauty tricks from around the world. So whether you’re daring enough to try them out or not, the choice is yours to make.

By Debra Wright

Debra Wright keeps tabs on all things new in the world of beauty and fashion. Aside from using this information in her current line of work, she seeks to help and inspire others by writing about her newest discoveries. Keep tabs on Debra @debrawrites.

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