Be an Ageless Wonder

Every day, someone celebrates a birthday. They think to themselves, “Great, another year older.” They then start considering how many more days they have left with family and friends. Getting old doesn’t mean you’re over the hill. Age is just a number. Many people truly believe they are only as old as they feel. Grandparents […]

Five Home Remedies for the Common Cold

The common cold is a very common viral infection that affects both the young and the old, mostly occurring during the cold months of winter or fall. It simply refers to an infection of the upper respiratory tract. Unlike most other medical conditions, there is no specific known cure for the common cold, hence most […]

5 Active Ways to Naturally Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety have long been recognized as important contributors to dealing with problems. It is when a person experiences stress and anxiety that his fight or flight response is being activated. During these times, the body produces more chemicals called cortisol. This chemical is essential for the production of blood glucose that helps supply […]

The Best Way To Keep Yourself Healthy Anabolic States

You may not know this, but your body can be in one of two states – an anabolic state or a catabolic state. Of the two, right now you are most likely to be in a catabolic state. So what does this mean? Catabolic States Well when you are in a catabolic state this basically […]