Five Natural Remedies For Nasal Allergies

Breathing is basic to life, and allergies are an awful intrusion on the easy, regular, deep breathing we all need to stay active and healthy. Fortunately, there are many ways to breathe easier despite nasal allergies without expensive, sedating allergy drugs. Here are my top 5: 1. Use steroid nasal sprays sparingly if at all. […]

Sweet Dreams: The Benefits of Organic Bedding Mattresses

Toxins are everywhere. They are in our food, floating around in the air we breathe and even in our homes. Theres really no escaping these toxins, unless of course you quarantine yourself in some sort of plastic bubble. While contact with toxins is just something were all going to have to deal with, by taking […]

Natural Remedies For Conjunctivitis

Natural remedies for conjunctivitis are simple and inexpensive. Consider these basic measures for keeping stopping the spread of conjunctivitis: * Keep hands away from the eyes, and always wash hands before and after touching infected eyes. * Sterilize contact lenses. * Change pillowcases every other day. * Do not share eyeliners or other eye cosmetics, […]

Meta Meditation Self Love

I was listening to Dr. Melissa Wests MP3 discussion on Meta Meditation and Loving Kindness. Its full of common sense. Yet most of us forget to think of ourselves, family and friends always seem to come first. The following short list seems so simple yet so difficult as well. Loving Kindness from yourself is […]

How to Have Clear Pores

Everyone wants clear, impurities-free skin. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed to have the model- look beautiful skin that we always wanted. People are always bombarded with those various skin disorders and we are always flocking to our drugstores to buy the latest miracle cure for that naturally beautiful skin. Fact number one. The […]