An Introduction of Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing If you are interested in Reiki, healing is best to begin with. Reiki teaches us to live fully present in the moment and let anxiety and stress away from the tanks. Reiki is the healing force that is in everything and we are open for us when we start to give ourselves treatment, […]

Naturally Straight Hair

Ive long been searching for hair products (mousse, gel, hair spray etc) that are organic and actually work. Needless to say, Im still looking. When my hair started going curly in my late 20s, it was still manageable but then I wasnt living anywhere nearly as humid as where I live now. So now […]

Naturally Losing Weight

Naturally Losing Weight can be a challenge to do when you are trying to get your life back on track and get fit. When you make the decision to lose weight you must commit to certain diet and exercise standards and plans so that you are going to succeed with your weight loss strategy. […]

Quality Vegan Cosmetics Healthy Cosmetics

Grow your own! There are many quality vegan cosmetics you can make in your own kitchen. Theyre fresh, immediate, organic and you know exactly what ingredients are contained. So many items these days are packed with preservatives, additives and other products we dont want absorbed into our system. When someone is serious enough to live […]

Treat ADD Without Medication

Having a child with ADD is a difficult thing. Learning to deal with your child and helping him/her live and learn is a challenge. But what is really difficult is when your childs school insists on medication. It should never be someone else who makes that decision for you or you child, and certainly not […]