10 Reasons Why You Should Build An Earthship House

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Earthship House

Little To No Heating Bills

When you build an earthship one of the many reasons they are so desired is that they are able to maintain an almost perfect 70 degrees. This allows you to never have to adjust the heating, saving you countless amounts on gas and electricity bills. Which personally I think is great because it saves having to chop wood in winter when you run out of money for gas.

Brighton Earth Ship

Quick & Easy To Build

With the largest known earthship being 3 stories high, it only took 3 months from being plans on paper to being able to maintain an entire family. As the materials to make it are all around you, you won’t have to suffer the logistical hell that those waiting on pre-fab homes or insanely expensive glass windows from far away will.

It’s Fully Green

Because it is built mainly out of earth, clay, some plaster, dirt, straw, solar panels, recycled glass, plastic bottles used tires and some concrete. Its entire purpose is to emanate the green factor.

Rainwater Collection

Free Water

Rain water is collected from the roof when it funnels it into a cistern which passes it through a filter so it can be used as drinking and showering water. When used for showering it becomes grey water and is pumped into your greenhouse for your plants to use. When the plants have recycled it, it is put into a grey water tank and is pumped into your toilet. So when you use the toilet the grey water then becomes water and is pumped to a septic tank where it is released into non edible plants so they can recycle the nutrients still left in it.

Earthship Greenhouse

Free Food

You can also get free food. Each earthship is fitted with 1 or 2 greenhouses which grow crops all year round supplying you with food yearly. You can become entirely self-sustainable if you choose your crop wisely. Some people have built in fish ponds, chicken coops and rabbit hutches to provide them with organic meats. This is a good idea but it is better left for earthships of medium size. It can still be done in smaller earthship but it would be rather noisy.

Brighton Earthship Solar Panels


The solar panels and turbines which will be attached to your earthship will provide you with electricity to power your appliances. Most times the power generated by earthships can be fed back directly to the grid so you can make a profit from the electricity you produce.


You are set free from all the bills, the stress of having bills and the worry about your impact on the environment. This is the wonderful thing about earthships, it’s not the money saving that makes it beautiful, it’s the peace of mind knowing that you’re living naturally but with a modern twist.


For being a unique custom house it comes cheap, but that shouldn’t be surprising since all of the materials are cheap. Its structure is made out of tires filled with dirt. As many tires are dumped or burnt every year some companies will actually pay you to take them off their hands because it’s cheaper than getting them incinerated or landfilled.

Sustainable Does Not Mean Basic

Many people hear the word sustainable and think of people wearing dye clothing living in tin huts with no sense of 21 century comforts. This is not the case as earthships are very attractive in appearance and decoration, they simply allow the owner to live in the 21 century and have their comforts without having to worry if it’s impacting the environment.

Earthship Is A Statement

It shows we are no longer bound to the “norm” of daily grind and that we can live in an environmentally friendly way without risking the comforts we love. In their construction it shows that humanity does not make illogical materials to build with nor do we have to harness fossil fuels that poison the earth. We can live a happy existence with the energy that the earth provides.

Contributor: Sarah Jennings
When I’m not blogging about the environment for ambergreensolar.co.uk I am tending my own self sustainable urban farm.

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